In this week’s episode, Brian, Pete and John take on the touchy subjects in recent news, including Colin Kaepernick sitting for the National Anthem, the murder of Nykea Aldridge, and the University of Chicago’s ban on safe spaces. For the Top 5 segment, the guys list their favorite sports movies of all time and Pete suggests a more realistic remake of Air Bud. To top it all off, Brian and Pete get into a heated argument regarding the conspiracy theory whether Stevie Wonder is actually blind.

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0:31 Discussion on whether Kaepernick’s gesture was disrespectful towards America, and if it effectively relayed his message

9:11 Nykea Aldridge’s murder sheds light on continued violence in Chicago

18:45 The banning of safe spaces at University of Chicago is a positive development in protecting healthy discussion

24:52 Great segway by Pete leads into what next for Cowboys and Vikings after devastating injuries to Romo & Bridgewater

30:00 Hayes suggests The Bachelorette’s Jordan Rodgers for the vacant Vikings QB position, and Pete kicks off his Top 5 sports movies

32:25 Brian’s Top 5

33:45 Hayes’s Top 5

35:20 Honorable mention to the Air Bud series, and Pete suggests a more realistic version of the movie

36:48 Brian tries to stump us on “Guess the Player”

38:22 Celebrity Social Media Posts of the Week

39:00 Pete and Brian passionately argue about Stevie Wonder’s blindness

41:00 Hayes brings up Sir Charles Barkley’s commentary on marijuana

42:08 Brian scolds Sports Illustrated for posting an incorrect tweet regarding Villanova basketball

43:25 Intern Stats of the Week

47:07 Weekend events