After countless setbacks and injuries it is finally time to see CM Punk make his UFC debut. From all credible accounts, Punk has no chance. He is up against Mickey Gall, who is no slouch and has infinitely more experience in the octagon. As WWE fans what outcome to this car crash is preferable? If Punk does pull the upset,by some miracle, the chances of a WWE return exponentially diminish. If he gets his ass handed to him, which is much more likely, the credibility of professional wrestling takes another hit. It is pretty much a lose -lose. I just so happen to be an optimist (fuck me, right) so the following is the best case scenario for WWE and and CM Punk fans.

Step 1: UFC 203

CM punk comes out with the passion and desire that he displayed all throughout his tenure with the WWE. He takes a few shots early and seems frazzled. Out of nowhere, all of his hate for Vince McMahon is transferred into the jaw of Mickey Gall, sending him to the mat. Instead of diving in to a ground and pound match he gives the sign for the famous “go to sleep” and delivers the knockout blow. Punk wins, Chicago riots.

cm punk gts

Step 2: Backlash

The next day the WWE has the Smackdown only PPV known as Backlash. After the second match none other than Paul Heyman walks out. He is currently the advocate for Brock Lesnar,who is a RAW member, so this appearance seems a bit odd. “Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman…, normally I am speaking to you on behalf of MY CLIENT… BROCK LESNAR… but tonight I resume my role as the voice, of the voice, of the voiceless.” *queue Cult of personality.* Punk arrives, crowd collectively loses its shit, Chicago riots.

paul heyman

Step 3: The Promo

Punk grabs the mic from Heyman and cuts a scathing promo. The topic… His return. In a typical Punk way he rips into all WWE establishment. After the roast he turns his attention to Paul, warning him and his client  Brock Lesnar that hes not the only UFC stud on the block. Next PPV has been set… Chicago Riots.


If all goes to plan, CM Punk is back and the match of the year is set for the next PPV. The odds of this happening are near equivalent to a Bo Dallas title run but a guy can dream.

mic drop.gif