Late 3rd quarter of the BYU-Utah game,  Cougar defensive backs Austin McChesney and Kai Nacua on consecutive plays were ejected for targeting. Both plays are the softest targeting calls I have ever seen. Because of the targeting ejections, McChesney and Nacua are suspended for the first half of their game next week against UCLA. I have updated with videos, so that we all can witness the pussification of football. I totally understand the rule and am actually a big fan, but when you clearly see no ill-will or harm meant to another player, no head-to-head contact, and no launching, how the hell can you still call targeting? It is unbelievable to see these missed calls. Even the Prince of Missed Calls (Mike Carey is the King) Mike Pereira knew this wasn’t targeting. Hopefully the suspensions are reversed after the game by the NCAA or Mountain West or whoever has the power to do so because we are setting a scary precedent that can have major ramifications in the softening of football. It is a man’s game, let’s understand that and keep it that way.