The Huskers’ latest upset victory over Oregon on Saturday is just the latest notch in quickly improving belt. Dominating wins over lesser teams (Fresno State and Wyoming) and upsetting established and respected programs aren’t signs of mediocre teams or fluke teams (See: Iowa). That’s what REAL teams do. Tommy Armstrong Jr is actually taking care of business, not just relying entirely on the run game. Sure, his completion percentage isn’t fantastic at 42-77, 54.5% but he is a legit dual threat QB in a conference where those types of athletes can shred defenses, big time. I mean, just LOOK at this guy! Heisman ALERT ALERT ALERT

Now, the ever present cynic in me wants to discount his ability by saying that he had excellent blocking (he does), that was a draw play against a prevent defense (it was), and that Oregon subscribes to the West Coast mentality that no defense is the best defense (they do) but all of these things combine to prove my point even more. The Huskers are back and in a BIG way. Hell, the Blackshirts are back and like the real ones from the 90s, not the kind that’s just a bumper sticker on some shit box in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Omaha, not the one on 72nd, the mini one on Saddle Creek, yeah, that one. Big Red has 7 picks, 6 sacks, and 19 TFLs and they’re just getting through the appetizer round. They’ve outscored opponents 130-59 and are averaging over 460 yards of offense per game. But enough stats, what does this really mean? Well, despite Iowa’s heartbreaking loss, they’re still the other top team in the B1G West. That means there’s a red hot Wisconsin, a wounded animal that is Iowa, Illinois with a giant chip on their shoulder (Lovie is still looking to avenge 2006), undefeated Minnesota, and a wily Northwestern playing for a pride (it’s a pun, they’re done for football this year, fuck off). Add that all together and the rest of the season, the Big Ten championship, and the subsequent College Football Playoffs just got REAL interesting, REAL fast.

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