Arguably the greatest college football program of the last 30 years, Miami has decided to drop the flashy new looks that teams like Oregon are going with and stick to a simple, clean, traditional look and damn did it work. 2-miamiThe new, “homage to the glory days” Canes unis are sick. I am going to be a bit biased because orange is my favorite color, but these are so clean. The orange, green and white is such an aesthetically pleasing combo. The helmets are nice and simple, but I wish they had Sebastian on them instead of the “U”. But hey, these have now worked their way into my top 5 uniforms in college football now. The Canes and their fans are hoping that the uniforms are the first in many changes that get their program back to those glory days. So far, the Canes look good this year breaking into the Top 20 Nationally, they head to Georgia Tech this weekend, their last game before donning these new unis.