The brand new kit for Ireland has most people really confused. The design itself of the jersey, the sleeves, collar, taper, all that, seems to be pretty popular but….they’re purple. The IRFU lists them technically as “plum” but they sure as shit ain’t green. 

The patchwork looks really sleek and it’s Canterbury so it’s the good stuff. I actually think the purple/plum looks pretty sharp, as unpopular as that might sound. The deep, dark hue gives it a modern twist on the royal color of purple. Truthfully, you could wrap the Irish XV in tin foil and it won’t help a pick against the All Blacks in Chicago on Nov 5. 


the purple is still a zillion times better than their old kit. They look like what day old puke tastes like. 

Deep V’s are for the club, not the pitch, lads.