This is a rebuttal blog to the one posted by Charlie Wooding about LSU making the right decision in firing Miles.

What a shit-show for LSU and Miles over the last year. The drama that occurred at the end of last year when EVERYONE at LSU wanted Miles to be canned. Then they (LSU admins and boosters) miraculously had a change of heart. It’s always a shame when someone(s) loses their job, but this might be the best thing to happen to Les. His time was up in Baton Rouge and some things cannot be forgotten. He was treated like shit by the majority of the LSU community for the last year and really didn’t deserve it. Yes, he did underachieve at times with the talent he had, but year-in-and-year-out, he churned out incredible defenses, NFL ready talent and winning seasons. His most glaring issue, aptly pointed out by Wooding, was his lack of a reliable Quarterback. Despite that glaring error on Miles’ part, he still won, a lot. During his tenure at LSU he boasted a record of 114-34 (62-28 in the SEC), including a National Championship in 2007. That’s incredible. Miles was the most successful coach the Tigers had ever had not named Nick Saban. To put him through all that nonsense at the end of 2015 was amateur hour. The good news for Les is that he can finally move on and he can do so knowing he did a damn good job in arguably the toughest conference (and division) in College Football. He will absolutely find another job here are the Top 3 places I’d expect him to be next season.

  1. USC
    There is absolutely no denying that USC has been reeling since they lost Pete Carroll to the Seahawks in 2010. The Men of Troy have had 4 different head coaches in that 6 year stretch. Miles brings the flashy name and winning pedigree that is so desperately needed in Southern California. Arguably the most important piece he brings is a defensive-mind, which absolutely no one has in the Pac-12. Quarterbacks will be easy to find in sunny California and Les will have free reign to build a monster of a defense at USC.
  2. Notre Dame
    This is a bit of a homer answer as I am a Notre Dame fan, but the writing is on the wall for Brian Kelly and the Irish would undoubtedly be looking for someone different than BK. Enter Les Miles, the anti-Brian Kelly in almost every sense of the word besides winning (Kelly has a super inflated record because of time spent at Central Michigan and Cincinnati). Notre Dame, like USC is one of the most recognized programs in the country. The Irish are beyond desperate for a good defense after getting torched by Duke for 38 points last week. Notre Dame has continuously been able to bring in talented Quarterbacks and will (presumably) have Kizer and Brandon Wimbush next season.
  3. Auburn
    I have been incredibly vocal that I think Gus Malzahn has been coaching his team into the ground by continuing to start Shaun White. Malzahn’s team has talent and could/should be 4-0 this year. Sooner-than-later, expect to see Auburn lose another game they shouldn’t and the Tiger faithful will be calling for his head. Les Miles is such a simple and awesome solution to the issue. The Auburn defense is talented, no question there and they have a capable Quarterback (John Franklin III) just rotting away on the bench. Throw Miles into that situation next season and I could easily see Auburn being a 10-win team in his first year. Add on that we’d see an annual Saban-Miles Iron Bowl and that is ESPN’s wet dream.

The last team I want to mention is Texas. IF, Charlie Strong gets canned and IF Tom Herman doesn’t take the Texas job then Miles would have to be #1 on the Longhorns list. Imagine what Les could do with all that High School Football talent in Texas.