Today LSU canned long tenured HC Les Miles, basically calling this season a waste and doing what they dearly wanted to do last winter. Miles was facing a tall ass task regardless, as this year’s team has National Championship talent but no QB, and Miles was more or less expected to still find a way to bring home a National Championship. Instead, Brandon Harris went full Brandon Harris vs. Wisconsin, and a failed Purdue transfer turned out to be exactly that. If your QB is as bad as LSU’s QBs have been, you just aren’t going to compete for National titles.

Miles was a solid coach at LSU, but like Mark Richt before him, things had gotten a little stale at a program that has the highest of expectations every year, and watching Leonard Fournette waste away on middle of the road SEC teams became too much. Miles is a solid coach and will surely get another chance somewhere, but for LSU it was time to move on. They have too much talent across the board for Miles to be scoring 13 vs. Auburn, and his inability to ever recruit/coach a top QB was too big a fault for a powerhouse program. Miles has consistently run out some of the stalest offenses in the SEC year after year, and QB play has always been the #1 problem. When you look back and realize Miles coached guys such as Fournette, Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry and Jeremy Hill and yet never put together an explosive offense, it easy to see why LSU made the decision they did.

This run of terrible offenses will surely influence LSU’s coaching search, and three names really stick out to me as the potential 2017 LSU football coach

  • Tom Herman

Duh. Herman is the new Jon Gruden, he is the #1 name for literally every single coaching job. This past off-season Herman supposedly turned down some pretty serious offers to remain at Houston, and it has only helped his stock, as Houston crushed Oklahoma week 1 and is looking like a serious CFB contender. While Herman may have said no to jobs like South Carolina last year, LSU is a whole new animal. LSU can offer Herman truck loads of cash Houston can only dream about, and the access to top players Herman had to fight to get on campus as OC at Ohio State. While Leonard Fourtnette will be gone, 5* backup Derius Guice is a MONSTER, and LSU has never been without 1-2 NFL caliber WR’s. And while Brandon Harris and Danny Etling don’t look like answers, Herman has quickly turned Greg Ward Jr. into one of the best QB’s in the country, and made J.T Barret/Cardale Jones into superstars overnight. Herman will solve LSU’s offense and QB problems, no doubt about it. I would be stunned if LSU didn’t offer Herman the job, the only question is if Herman will take it. The man quite literally can hold out for any job in America as long as Houston keeps dominating, so who knows if he even wants the LSU gig. Maybe he will wait for Texas to fire Charlie Strong, he knows the job will be his.

  • Art Briles

The same Art Briles that everyone has been calling the devil the past 2 months!?!. Yes my friend, that Art Briles. This is the SEC, and this is LSU. People will forget. Bobby Petrino was deemed un-hireable, and now every AD in America is jealous Louisville turned the blind eye on his “issues” and scooped him up. People will hire you if you are good at your job, off-the field issues be damned. Art Briles is very, very good at his job. LSU wants offense and good QB play? Welcome to Baton Rouge Mr. Briles. I mean can you imagine those Baylor offenses’ in the SEC with LSU’s athletes? Briles would dominate. There is no question in my mind LSU should and will heavily consider Briles to be there next coach.

  • Bobby Petrino

As mentioned before, Petrino is just killing it at Louisville now, making every AD in America wish they had him running their football team. LSU can look no further than Lamar Jackson and Louisville’s 60 ppg offense to see what Petrino could do in Baton Rouge. Plus, Petrino has experienced success in the SEC before, so honestly this would be a home run hire. The only question is would Petrino leave Louisville with Lamar Jackson still having a year of eligibility left? All 3 of these candidates would be home run hires, and I think LSU ends up getting 1 of them.

*I don’t know why Jimbo Fisher would leave FSU for LSU. I know there are emotional ties to LSU, but FSU is the better job. FSU owns the ACC, where as LSU is fighting for SEC West supremacy every year with Ole Miss, Bama and a host of others. Plus, FSU recruits Florida, which is ripe with stars every single year. Louisiana has great talent as well, but it can’t even touch the wealth of D-1 football players in Florida every year. Fisher has been amazing at FSU, and will continue to dominate for as long as he stays there. I just don’t see him leaving unless LSU offers to double his salary or something. So while he is probably #1 on their wish list, I’m not even bothering to put him on mine.