Photo credit: NY Post

Well, folks, we know you thought it was a gimmick. But now you can feel less guilty.

Tim Tebow, in front of a bunch of AARP members, walks up and hits a blast oppo taco during his first at-bat during instructional league as a member of the New York Mets organization.

Here’s the video:

They were absolutely elated. That dinger will surely spice up the 3 p.m. dinner later on.

We definitely all thought he was going to go hitless in his first 30 plate appearances with about 25 strikeouts and maybe reaching in plate appearance 31 with an infield single.

But no, what does Tebow do? He rockets the ball to left-center. Baseball was finally going to be the thing that got the American public to get sick of him seeking to get in the headlines, but all it did was draw us all back in.

New York: his stay with the Jets was short, but that’s why there’s the Mets.