I’m new to the Toledo area and the hardest part of adjusting to life here is the music affiliation scene. I have to hate John Denver so that wasn’t the biggest hurdle but then let’s just look at a map.

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I am considerably closer to Detroit than I am to Cleveland. Hell, the rugby team I play for is in the Michigan union instead of Ohio. In a sense, I’m a man without a country. I wanna play by the rules and stay loyal to my soil (I’ve lived here for almost a month) but there isn’t really a great Toledo music scene that made it mainstream. I could be another Stan and ride with Slim Shady but that directly conflicts with me being a Juggalo image

A turf war between D 12 and ICP is the last thing I need right now.

So we can put a line through that right now. Danny Brown or Big Sean might be a safe De-Troit pick but I’m looking east to the Land. MGK is a badass but he wouldn’t have a pot to piss if it weren’t for Bone.

Enter Kenneth Bone. Dude set the internet on fire and then some. Golly pops, just look at twitter for 2 minutes. And in that maelstrom of memes (wow, nice) came the natural marriage between a portly, mustachioed chum and BOOM, the rap group that I’ve been repping FOREVER gets re-catapulted to the moon. Little victories, fellas, little victories.

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