LeBron James just recently established his “I PROMISE Institute” foundation, which gives necessary tutors and support for students that go through his I PROMISE program. This program grants full college scholarship to students that successfully graduate from it. While speaking about the institute, he brought up that once he gets “a little bit of down time”, he’s going to attend college. Well I took the liberty of lining up the King’s most probably suitors where he can take his talents for the next 4 years. I’ll give you a hint, one of them is in South Beach.

  1. university-of-phoenix-logo-8x872University of Phoenix: Larry Fitzgerald & Shaq convince LeBron to take his talents to the University of Phoenix where they form their own Big 3 to takedown the DeVry University dynasty.
  2. 2000px-2013_ohio_state_buckeyes_logo-svgOhio State University: LeBron follows his son Bryce to OSU and uses his NCAA eligibility to restart his career as a tight end for OSU, eventually retiring at age 50 as an NFL Hall of Famer. He is later convicted of rampant PED use.
  3. head_a_logoUniversity of Akron: The “kid from Akron” returns home and graduates with a degree in sociology in 3 years, living in the dorms and joining multiple student organizations.
  4. 1280px-miami_hurricanes_logo-svgUniversity of Miami: LeBron uses his fortune to bribe every 5 star recruit in the country to attend Miami, creating the “The U2”. Pat Riley is named Student Body President and Erik Spoelstra is brought in as a professor of film study.
  5. 635859450567047395-1217-trump-cardinalsTrump University: LeBron somehow manages to graduate with a degree in every subject, with honors. He runs for POTUS as the most qualified candidate in United States history, winning by a landslide. He names Donald Trump as VP and America is finally made great again.