I’ve waited 10 years for this album and it was everything I wanted and more. She had teased us for years with remixes (Marvin’s Room specifically) and random singles, but never concrete evidence of an album. Finally, it is here. The most important feature about this album is there are no bad or skip worthy songs. Every single one is good and she does a great job of switching up tempo. My three favorites after my first listen through were: Fuck Apologies, High Heels and Vibe. Fuck Apologies was released as a single and features Wiz Khalifa, it is clearly going to be her radio hit right away but God damn is it catchy. High Heels is such a ‘fuck you, you lost out because you let me go’ song and I absolutely love it. The song describes the album really well, it is something you can cruise around to and blast with the windows down. What this album has me dying for is a Chris Brown and JoJo collab. Please someone make this happen! Final score: 4 out of 5.