Disclaimer: This is highly subjective. I tended to favor Starting Pitchers, because its way more impressive to do something for 100 pitches than 20, and All-Stars, because if all you have is one good pitch and yet you aren’t even very good, how good is that one pitch really?

Lets go

Honorable Mention

  • Aroldis Chapman’s Fastball. It’s fucking gas. It just doesn’t produce sick gif’s and so I left it off the top 10. Some times blogging is that simple. Sorry Aroldis.
  • Felix Hernandez: Probably one of the filthiest dudes in MLB history, but he is a little older now and he doesn’t have one single pitch as filthy as any of these 10
  • Kenley Jansen’s Cutter: Again, I favored starters. Sorry Kenley.
  • Whatever this was from Gerrit Cole last year. Cole World indeed. Yeesh


10. Madison Bumgarner’s Slider


Look at those knees buckle. Excellent. And it only gets nastier in October

9. Rich Hill’s Curveball


Robinson Cano looking like Avisail Garcia up there, and I’m not speaking about his prodigious power he flexes like once a year in mid August. Hill’s fastball-curve combo is deadly.

8. Chris Archer’s Slider


@ChicagoCubs oops

7. Andrew Miller’s Slider



Even filthier with a beard. Go Tribe

6. Zach Britton’s Sinker




The 97 MPH Bowling Ball is probably the single best pitch in baseball. But like I said, I favor starters. Still, gross. *As Seen in the 2016 AL Wild Card Game*

5. Kyle Hendricks’s Changeup


That gif will help you pull the trigger. Gross. Personally he’s my 2nd favorite pitcher to watch in the MLB. Just pinpoint command and sneaky disgusting pitches.

4. Corey Kluber’s Slider



This is where the list just starts getting stupid. All these GIF’s are jokes.

3. Jake Arrieta’s 2 Seamer


Good luck. Jake’s slider was also considered for the list so it shouldn’t be a mystery why he won the Cy Young last year

2. Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball



*Vomits Everywhere* Imagine your job being on the line and you have to attempt to connect a small stick to that shit. What a life.

And the G.O.A.T, #1, Chris Sale’s Slider. Enjoy. Seriously though, the first 3 are vs. some of the best hitters in the league. Cargo literally takes a hack at a pitch that is skipping behind a lefty. Javy Baez and Avi Garcia even lay off that slider.



And drumroll please… the greatest gif of all time480x270.gif.52daecccbeb5433396fd9231e009589f.gif

Not sure if whats better, the pitch hitting him or him completely falling over. Amazing.