This was easily my hardest week to grade because the NFL has been absolutely awful this year. The quality of play has been so poor and there weren’t any notably entertaining games.

Biggest Jump: This week, the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins jump 6 spots after their wins against Minnesota and Buffalo respectively.

Biggest Fall: The Jacksonville Jaguars fall 6 spots after their loss to Oakland.

1. New England Patriots 6-1
Last Week: 1

The Vikings finally lost giving Tom Brady his rightful place at the top of B-Frank’s power rankings. They are easily the class of the league, I’d be shocked if they lost another game this year. That being said, this weekend would be their only real chance to lose as they head to Buffalo.

2. Dallas Cowboys 5-1
Last Week: 4

Great time to hit a bye week as some of the top teams lost this week and Dallas sneaks up to number 2. Dak Prescott has been fantastic, Ezekiel Elliott is on pace to be the best rookie running back in NFL history and they keep winning despite injuries. Big test at home against Philly on Sunday Night.

3. Minnesota Vikings 5-1
Last Week: 1

Minnesota looked awful and Sam Bradford returned to true form as the Vikings lost to Philadelphia last week. Fortunately for them they have essentially a bye week this week to get back on track as they head to Chicago on Monday Night.

4. Denver Broncos 5-2
Last Week: 5

I cannot get a read on this team. One week they look so incredibly vulnerable, the next the offense looks like a well-oiled machine. I’ve come to the conclusion that Trevor Siemian is only as good as the routes his receivers run. Broncos host the Chargers.

5. Seattle Seahawks 4-1-1
Last Week: 3

Coming off arguably the worst game in NFL history, the Seahawks tied with Arizona, 6-6…awful. This offense is so inconsistent and the defense seems to pick when they want to play well. Seattle with a tough road test at New Orleans.

6. Green Bay Packers 4-2
Last Week: 8

The Packers offense rolled this week and Aaron Rodgers returned to his old ways as he torched the Bears’ defense. It helped that Hoyer went down early with an injury, but that’s a nice win at home for Green Bay. The Pack head to Atlanta for a huge test on the road.

7. Philadelphia Eagles 4-2
Last Week: 13

Fly Eagles Fly! Huge win against arguably the best defense in the NFL. It was ugly early, but Wentz and company turned it on and earned a big win. Eagles head to Jerry World on Sunday Night.

8. Oakland Raiders 5-2
Last Week: 11

Just win, baby, and that’s what the Raidaaaas have been doing this year. Granted they played a very bad Jaguars team this week, it was still a good road win. They finally got some production on the ground from Latavius Murray while Derek Carr left something to be desired in terms of the pass game. Oakland is back in Florida this week at Tampa Bay.

9. Atlanta Falcons 4-3
Last Week: 7

The Falcons are another team that really confuses me. Some weeks they look great and others they play like shit. Matt Ryan is the best Quarterback not named Tom Brady this year and Julio Jones is the best receiver in the NFL. The defense is the real issue here – they just gave up 33 points to San Diego at home. Atlanta hosts Green Bay.

10. Arizona Cardinals 3-3-1
Last Week: 12

Cardinals were in the aforementioned 6-6 tie with Seattle and boy was it a snoozer on Sunday Night. The offense put up some great numbers (Palmer 342 yards, David Johnson 113 yards), but just couldn’t produce the points needed. Arizona has a chance to completely bury Carolina on the road this week.

11. Buffalo Bills 4-3
Last Week: 6

I was so ready to crown the Bills the top AFC Wildcard team and then they go out and lose in Miami. McCoy was hurt and Tyrod Taylor was very pedestrian, but that defense is way better than 28 points allowed to Miami. Bills are home against New England this week.

12. Kansas City Chiefs 4-2
Last Week: 15

Andrew Reid has his team rolling onward after the post-bye win against Oakland. Only allowing 21 points to New Orleans is a solid statement about how far this defense has come since getting torched by Pittsburgh. KC heads to Indianapolis this week.

13. Detroit Lions 4-3
Last Week: 16

Since a bad loss to Chicago, Detroit has rattled off 3 straight wins. They still lack a consistent run game, but Stafford is not turning the ball over which is arguably just as important as a running game. Detroit heads to Houston on Sunday.

14. Washington Redskins 4-3
Last Week: 10

Washington ends a 4 game win streak with a loss to the above-mentioned Lions. Kirk Cousins played well, just not enough for his team to get the win. The ‘Skins are now 3rd in the NFC East behind Dallas and New York. Washington heads to London to play the Bengals.

15. Houston Texans 4-3
Last Week: 10

Houston has looked awful at times this season and just good enough to win at others. Brock still hasn’t shown that he is worth $72 million and the defense isn’t as great as we thought. But, there is a silver lining for Houston fans, they play in the worst division in football. They host the Lions this weekend in a game that will show a lot about this team.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
Last Week: 14

Without Big Ben, this team is nothing. Just like the Texans above them, they have the gift of playing in a baaad division where Baltimore is collapsing and Cincinnati has started very poorly. The Steelers get a much needed bye week.

17. New York Giants 4-3
Last Week: 18

Arguably one of the toughest things to do in the NFL is fly over to London and win the game. It is a long trip and there are those things called time zones that really fuck with your sleep. It was a bad bad game against LA, but the G-Men pulled it out. They are gifted with the bye following the London game.

18. Los Angeles Rams 3-4
Last Week: 17

We are inching closer and closer to Jared Goff time in LA. Case Keenum has proved that he isn’t going to win you any games. He can play at his absolute best and it still won’t guarantee you a win. 3 straight losses has Jeff Fisher right on track to finish 8-8 this year.

19. San Diego Chargers 3-4
Last Week: 23

All 4 losses for San Diego were by under a touchdown, and most of them, the Chargers had the lead in the 4th quarter. What could have been…but Rivers is continuing to play well, the defense is solid despite several key injuries. This is a tough team to beat. For the 2nd time in 3 weeks they will play Denver.

20. Cincinnati Bengals 3-4
Last Week: 20

The Bengals won the battle of Ohio against Cleveland this weekend. Bengals fans are hoping that this is the game that gets the team as a whole back on track. There is plenty of time to make a playoff run, especially in their wide-open division. Bengals play the Redskins in London.

21. Miami Dolphins 3-4
Last Week: 27

It has been the coming out party for Jay Ajayi as he has rushed for 200+ yards in the last two weeks against two good defenses. This is absolute massive for Miami because you cannot rely on Tannehill to win you games. If Ajayi can establish the run game each week, it will greatly help and take the pressure off of Tannehill to make plays. Dolphins get a bye.

22. New Orleans Saints 2-4
Last Week: 19

I don’t really know what to think of New Orleans. Drew Brees gives me to confidence to say that they are in almost any game they play in. But their schedule has been one of the toughest throughout the first 8 weeks of the season and it doesn’t get easier this week as they host Seattle.

23. Indianapolis Colts 3-4
Last Week: 24

The Colts are also very much in the playoff race with Cincy and Pittsburgh despite having played pretty poorly to start this season. Andrew Luck continues to do it all for his team, they host KC this week.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-3
Last Week: 25

Quietly, the Bucs are .500 this season and have won 2 straight. Jacquizz Rodgers will need to continue to produce so that Jameis’s passing attempts wills stay around 30. There’s no need for him to throw more than that, when he gets to those higher attempts, he becomes very turnover-prone. They host the Raiders on Sunday.

25. Baltimore Ravens 3-4
Last Week: 21

4 straight losses for Baltimore and this was by and far the worst of them all. The Jets are a bad team, no way around that. The Ravens will not win any games if their leading rusher has 10 yards. They need a fix on offense and the defense is porous. No team out there needed a bye more than Baltimore.

26. New York Jets 2-5
Last Week: 29

That was a big win for the Jets at home as they hit a stretch of very winnable games on their schedule. The problem, Geno Smith torn ACL and Ryan Fitzpatrick who has thrown 1,000 interceptions this year had his feelings hurt because for some unknown reason the coaching staff and management have no faith in him, hmm? Jets play at Cleveland.

27. Tennessee Titans 3-4
Last Week: 26

Titans go as Mariota goes and he did not play very well last week, add-on a decent at best defense and that is a recipe for disaster. Get ready for Thursday Night because we sure have a big one! Titans and Jaguars going at it! And it’s a color rush game.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-4
Last Week: 22

The Jaguars are 14-40 under Gus Bradley. Need I say more? Bortles has been bad, TJ Yeldon has been non-existent and the defense isn’t as good as we all expected it to be. Jaguars head to Tennessee on Thursday Night.

29. Carolina Panthers 1-5
Last Week: 28

Will Carolina be this year’s Kansas City? That’s what Riverboat Ron and Cam are hoping. They are coming off the bye and desperately need to kick it into high gear. They get a tough home game against Arizona.

30. Chicago Bears 1-6
Last Week: 30

Down goes Hoyer and in comes Cutler. Thank God we don’t have to listen to the nonsense that Hoyer is better because he’s not. Like him or not Jay puts points on the board and that’s what the Bears desperately need. For some ridiculous reason, the Bears are in ANOTHER primetime game, they host Minnesota on Monday Night.

31. San Francisco 49ers 1-6
Last Week: 31

San Francisco is very very very bad. Their best offensive weapon, Torrey Smith is about to be traded and Colin Kaepernick is too arrant a passer to win a game. The Niners get a bye week and I have no clue what they need to do to turn this season around.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-7
Last Week: 32

Cleveland really isn’t 0-7 bad, but they’ve been unlucky. They’ve gotten some very good Quarterback play from a bevy of guys. Throw in that Terrelle Pryor is willing to die on the field for his team and they should have at least one win. The Browns have their best chance to win at home against the Jets.