Ahh, my favorite time of the year, where we all get super depressed and see the exorbitant amount of money these guys make to coach a game. Harbaugh tops the list (suck it, Urban) making an outrageous $9 million a year. The rest of the top 5 is Saban, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops and Jimbo Fisher. There are 7 total coaches that make over $5 million a year and the last two are a bit surprising, Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin. For those of you who listen to The B-Fox and B-Frank Show have heard me say multiple times that I expected a bad year from A&M and Sumlin to be fired. Obviously that is not the case as A&M has had an awesome year and Sumlin makes a boat-load of money.

A few other shocking revelations was seeing James Franklin and Kirk Ferentz in the top 11 of all coaches, Brian Kelly makes only $1.6 million which ranks 65th among all D-1 coaches. There were 9 total schools that did not disclose their coach’s salary, but it is safe to assume that 6 or 7 of those 9 schools pay over $1 million a year. Over 60% of D-1 coaches make over $1 million a year, must be nice. You can find the USA Today database here.