Bulls Opening Night: The Doug McDermott-led Chicago Bulls begin their quest for the 2017 NBA Title tonight against the Boston Celtics. This matchup of Brian Scalabrine’s former teams is the first glimpse into how my June prediction will hold up.

I tweeted this before the offseason additions of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, which only bolsters my claim. With the Warriors on pace not to win a game the entire season after being dismantled by the San Antonio Spurs on the NBA’s opening night, I am as confident as ever.

Highway Signs: During a class on Tuesday in which we discussed out-of-home advertising, a question came to my mind that I had never thought of previously. Do restaurants, gas stations, and hotels have to pay to appear on highway signs near exits?


(image credit: Iowa DOT)

Nobody in class knew the answer, so I was charged with researching and reporting back my findings. As it turns out, the government does not provide the public service of alerting travelers their nearest food, gas, and lodging options. These signs are managed by each state’s Department of Transportation, and advertising costs vary by location. They came about in an attempt to ‘beautify’ the nation’s highways by cutting down on highway billboards, an effort that was actually unsuccessful. No matter how remote of a road you may travel on, you cannot escape advertising. Will you forget all of this in a few weeks? Sure, but it is an interesting bit of information that not many people are familiar with.

Addison Russell’s Doppelgänger Isn’t Who You’d Expect:  


That is my girlfriend, Chloe. A couple months ago, a rugby teammate sent me a picture of Addison Russell with the caption: Is it just me, or does Chloe look a lot like Addison Russell? I chuckled, showed my roommates, and forgot about it. During the playoffs, I have gotten a few more texts from different friends. For example: Sam’s girlfriend is batting, Chloe flashing the leather there, and I sure don’t remember her being that athletic. It’s the round face and the nose. She thinks it’s hilarious, and she came up with the idea of posting the above picture if the Cubs can get it done, just one of many reasons why she’s a keeper. I am feeling a “Did you realize that you were a champion?” caption, fitting Kanye lyrics to properly celebrate her/Addi’s achievements.

That’s all I have for now. Enjoy your Thursday.

photo credit: cta web 2400-series Railcar Farewell Tour via photopin (license)