Infinity Ward brought new and old fans of the Call of Duty franchise together with their announcement of the  Modern Warfare Remastered edition. There was controversy regarding the game being sold as a package deal with the much disliked Infinite Warfare due to the game being yet another in the futuristic sci-fi genre, leading many gamers to question whether they dislike Infinite Warfare enough to pass on the deal or purchase the deluxe pre-order simply for the remastered classic. Many gamers ended up pre-ordering the combo simply for the previous Game of the Year winner, Modern Warfare.

One such gamer was 16 year-old Jonathan Mays, who insists we call him Jonathan. Jonathan however, after playing the game since its midnight release on November 4th on a Mountain Dew/Nacho Cheese Doritos fueled bender, is upset with the functionality and gameplay of the remastered classic.  

“I didn’t spend $80 to get my ass kicked. This is bullshit. I’m going back to FIFA,” says Jonathan, who after I told him he was just a noob, insisted that he had fornicated with members of my family and threatened to hack my account using his new J-Tag.

Many hardcore gamers have already taken to the game’s multiplayer and are annihilating newcomers to the series with the classic kill-streaks that were part of the original game such as the Helicopter, Air Strikes, and the UAV. New additions to the game are its graphics which have been updated for the Next-Gen consoles and its multiplayer gameplay, which have been altered to offer quickscoping and better overall physics in the first-person shooter.

Hardcore gamers and newcomers alike can enjoy the remastered title, getting a great taste of the classic FPS that took the gaming industry and the world by storm and hasn’t looked back, at least until the Call of Duty franchise saw how much fans hated the trailer of Infinite Warfare and made a last ditch effort to keep up sales. So get on your Xbox One or your Playstation 4 and pwn or get pwned noobs.