The Warriors beat the Thunder last night and it wasn’t close. Westbrook struggled but still had 20 points and 10 assists. Durant had a monster game with 39 points and 7 rebounds.

This beatdown reminds me of when the guy who fucked Eminem’s girl in “8 Mile” came back with his thugs to beat the shit out of him. Westbrook is rightfully pissed at Durant for abandoning him in OKC (fucked his girl). Durant is definitely the bad guy here, but he comes back and pounds the Thunder by 26 (beat the shit out of him). The worst part is that Durant played great and had a disrespectful block on Westbrook (kicked him in the fucking face).

Durant Block

Recap of Warriors/Thunder Game

They let Russell stay alive which means he still has a chance to redeem himself in OKC. He definitely has the ability to go off on all the Warriors. Heres the last rap battle in 8 mile, Fuck the Free World.

Eminem Going OFF