2016 is a year full of surprises, so umm Bears you are up. Yes, 2016 has seemed to be one of the biggest “upset” years with the Cubs actually winning the World Series and now Donald Trump becoming our nation’s new president. In this “anything is possible” year, why not hope the Bears can make a late season rally and surprise people? As we have all now seen, nothing is truly ever over until it is over! Here are my keys to victory.

A “new” leader has emerged. So apparently on Halloween night, Jay Cutler gave an emotional speech to rally the team together and led them to an upset over the struggling Vikings. Say what you want about the Vikings, their defense is still an elite crew and Cutler played a really solid game. Maybe just MAYBE Cutler will be the leader Chicago has been begging him to be and he will lead this team to do the impossible. Besides throwing the ball off of Jeffery’s helmet, he was able to find Alshon for his first TD of the season. For all you young fantasy owners out there, look for Alshon Jeffery to continue to find the end zone, because Jay Cutler loves this guy and will continue looking for his favorite target.

Injuries? What injuries? Several key players returned to practice this week after missing time due to injuries such as Kyle Long, Josh Sitton, Marquess Wilson, Eddie Goldman, and Eddie Royal. It isn’t positive that they will all be active on Sunday, but we can assume that they are nearing return to action. As we saw with the defense, the more starters back the better. If the Bears can continue to build momentum, it will be vital to return as many starters as possible.

Jordan Howard, you are our only hope. Seriously if it weren’t for Howard, the chatter of a comeback year would not even exist. This guy is an absolute stud. I talked with my Packer friend Riley Gallagher about this, historically: if only the Packers could have Bears running backs and if only the Bears could have Packers quarterbacks… For some reason, the Bears seem to always draft extremely well in running backs. Crazy thing about having elite running backs? Howard already has monster stats and is ranking himself among the likes of Forte, Sayers, and Sweetness. I am in no way saying he is better than any of these guys, trust me, but so far his rookie stats are comparing well. If he can continue to develop, he has potential to be bigger than Forte. He has proven to look like a decent receiving back as well. Jordan Howard you are RIDICULOUS

Score Prediction: BEARS 24 Buccs 14. The Bears have won the last 3 matchups between these 2 sides. I get it, the Buccs have been a garbage team for a while (not saying the Bears have been great either). BUT, the Buccs finally have a pretty good QB in Jameis Winston. I actually like this guy a lot; he acted very immature in college and was looking Johnny Manziel like, but proved he has matured and does a lot of great things both on and off the field. He is a great role model for kids and for media troubled athletes. However, he will not be able to get past the Bears. Winston is coming into this game a little banged up from last week. With the pressure the Bears D puts on the QB, I think it is going to be very difficult for him to escape the pressure Chicago will bring. With an injured backfield, the Buccs will have no choice but to throw… unless they return Doug Martin. Either way, if Martin plays he probably would be limited. I just think this game will go the Bears way and the offense will continue to roll under a revamped Jay Cutler. I expect a close game until the 4th quarter in which the D pulls off a key turnover and then a Cutler to Jeffery TD. Let’s get a Miller TD please so my phone can explode with everyone letting me know my guy scored… AS IF I WASN’T WATCHING THE GAME! JK friends, thank you for thinking of me…

Miller Count: 2. Lighten up, I am going to Vegas the next day and need to protect my liver!