Dwyane Wade played the Heat in Miami last night. He didnt play great but the Bulls still got the W. Despite going 5-17, Wade still had a couple highlight plays. You might want to mute this video because the guy is unbelievably annoying.


I think Wade did a lot of great things in Miami. The best thing he did might’ve been the way he handled LeBron taking over his team. He was an established superstar who already lead his team to a championship with Shaq. He couldve said “Fuck LeBron, I am Miami.” Instead, he let LeBron do his thing and take him and Bosh to 4 straight finals, winning 2 championships.

Thats why Wade going back home and teaming up with Jimmy Butler and Rondo makes so much sense. The jury is still out, but I dont think Wade will get too big of an ego because he knows how to play with good players: Shaq, LeBron, Bosh (eh). Its Jimmy’s team and Wade knows it. He’s just happy to be home.