Last Week: 6-1

Season Record: 32-23

Big comeback week last week

  • Auburn-Georgia UNDER 48

Not a Sean White believer, said it before will say it again. Auburn wins this 27-14. Keeping it simple

  • Oklahoma -17.5 Baylor

Baylor STINKS. They are falling apart, Oklahoma runs this one up bad. Sooners by 28.

  • Vanderbilt-Mizzou UNDER 55.5

Vandy has kept some of the more competent SEC teams in check. Mizzou is not a competent SEC team. This total will be In the mid 40’s.

  • Rutgers +14.5 @ Michigan State

MSU is terrible and has lost all reason to play this season. Rutgers stinks, but besides their blowout loses to Michigan, OSU and Washington (all top 6 teams), they have been able to at least be semi competitive. Rutgers isn’t losing by two scores. MSU wins 21-10.

  • South Florida @ Memphis OVER 73.5

South Florida overs and LSU unders have been good to us all year. Quinton Flowers forever.

  • Texas -2 West Virginia

Charlie Strong has mastered the last season push to save his job. It continues this week.