Is Sin City the New NFL Hub? After spending a week in Vegas, I asked all around town on whether or not people wanted an NFL team to be brought to the city. Well, I did a lot of other things too, but I swear I was curious as to what people had to say. It was very clear that people have the football bug here as an obnoxious amount of people walking the streets and casinos were wearing NFL jerseys. I am not sure if that is just sort of a theme that casino owners make their employees wear because I saw some waitress in an Alshon Jeffery jersey and said to her “Alright go Bears! Too Bad Jeffery is suspended huh?” Well the waitress had zero clue what I was saying so I began thinking, are all these football jersey wearing employees actually fans? A lot of questions, I know. Here are a few things I learned while there.

 A Happy Jack Conlon After a Few Miller Lites

New Stadium = Massive Cost/Profit. The new stadium that is going to be built would cost $1.9 billion. The Raiders (who are the likely team to move to Las Vegas) and the Sands Casino group would have to drop $1.25 billion on the stadium and the hotel tax on the city would be raised a significant amount. So simply put, everything is going to cost more in this already expensive city. However, the stadium plans are unreal. If you are reading this, check out some of the ideas that they have on what the stadium will look like. The city will need to spend a lot of money, but both UNLV and a professional team will share the stadium; so at least one home game each week during football season? The city is going to be crazy busy.

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Conversation with an Uber Driver. While on the way to the Vegas “Strip” with my friend, I was eager to gain the opinion of an Uber driver. I assumed he would be excited about having an NFL team come to the city because it would probably create more business for him. However, he disagreed. He said that the city already has enough tourism each week and that adding a stadium is only going to create more traffic. As some of you might know, Uber will already have a set rate when picking people up and the price cannot go up during your ride. So if you are stuck in traffic, the driver is not going to make more money. Also, there is a “surge” charge during busy hours which makes for an expensive ride. So during games, the driver said he believes that the charge would be very expensive. The location of where exactly the stadium is going to be placed is still undecided. Both the driver and the girl that I was staying with agreed that the stadium better not be built in the strip area because it will be way too crowded to get anywhere. Perhaps the stadium will be built in the old downtown of Vegas? We shall see…

Las Vegas Raiders. If any team is going to move to Las Vegas, it is the Raiders. First off, Oakland and Vegas are not THAT far away from one another so fans could make a short flight to get to games and not have to abandon the team for leaving their city. Speaking of fans, the Raiders fans are some of the craziest people of any fan base in sports. They love dressing up in skeleton/painted outfits and scare opposing teams. Vegas is a very lively/artsy town, so this would make for a perfect home for these fun people. Another point, the Raiders are an up and coming team with a lot of young talent with a rich history of football. The team has managed to travel cities already and is still thriving. It would be a nightmare if they bring the Chargers or another team to Vegas. I have already stated that I will be going to a White Sox game next season in my famous Beetlejuice costume, but if the Raiders move to Vegas, I promise to go to a game dressed in my outfit, deal?