Remember when everyone said that Russell was going to go crazy and average a triple double this season? Well, as of tonight, he is doing exactly that; averaging an eye-popping 31/10/11 after he reached a triple double (27/18/14) tonight just 20 minutes into the contest. He also nearly achieved a dubious quadruple double, turning the ball over 7 times.

At this point, Westbrook is must watch television by himself. The Thunder could trot out any combination of Looney Tunes from Space Jam and I’m sure Russell could make Foghorn Leghorn look like a passable NBA power forward. The guy is at full throttle for 40+ minutes a game, and it’s hilarious seeing him pad his stats, flying through the air to steal rebounds from Adams and Kanter just to make sure he gets his triple double. But at this point I don’t even think he realizes he’s stat-chasing, it’s just second nature to him to treat every possession like he’s playing for his next meal. Come to think of it, he does make a concerted effort to dress like a homeless person for every game…I think I’m onto something here.

Stat-padding: Exhibit A

From the Knicks side, Derrick Rose did what he always does, stepping up his game against the highest PG competition. He ended the game with 30/7/4 on 10-20 shooting, making plenty of vintage acrobatic layups. For the other former Bull, the struggles continued, as Joakim finished with 2/3/4 in 26 minutes, and he missed a pair of free throws in horrendous fashion, making him 6 of 21 for the season.