As an incredibly lackluster NFL season continues, it seems that an unusual duo is stealing the spotlight. Pat McAfee and Marquette King are showing the NFL that it is in fact cool to be a punter. We are used to seeing these two on 4th down but no one seems to be asking the real question. Which punter is in fact, the coolest?  A breakdown of King and McAfee will guide us to answering this tough question.



Marquette King

When you type in Marquette in your search bar the suggestion of “King” appears before the suggestion of “University.” This may be because college basketball is not in full swing but the better guess is the vast growth in popularity that King has seen over the past few weeks. He has brought a level of swagger to the punter position that we have never seen. After a beautiful coffin corner punt you can see King showing off his dance moves and occasionally trolling Cam newton with a dab or two. Its about damn time someone made punting look fun. Part of me wishes the Raiders had more 3 and outs so we can see him in action more often.



Pat McAfee

Current Colts punter and certified badass Pat McAfee will be the first to tell you he “kicks balls for a living.” The podcast and radio show frequent flyer wears his emotions on his sleeves as he waits for the occasional trick play call. He gained a lot of popularity for his vicious hit on a Denver punt returner (shown below). In his side work in comedy,yes comedy, Pat admitted that the tackle was personal as his brother once beat him in Madden on a kick return using Denver. 4th down has been a common occurrence in Indy and because of Pat McAfee we are eternally thankful for that.



So who is the cooler punter? I guess it depends on the setting. If I am going out to the club I am taking Marquette King with me. If I am looking to black out in a bar that serves $3 pitchers of Milwaukee’s Best you better believe McAfee is at the next stool over.