The owners and players agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement this past weekend, and many of the details were outlined by Basketball Insider, but I am primarily concerned with the unfair labor practice lawsuit that was pending from the players’ union since 2011. The suit, filed back during the last CBA negotiations, cites that the NBA ownership “has consistently engaged in unfair labor practices over the course of the two parties’ current collective bargaining negotiations.” 

The union announced it would drop the suit, in response to the league promising to pay back half of the 24 flopping fines it has handed out. 

That’s all well and good, but the players used this as a bargaining chip, to have half of 24 flopping fines paid back?? That’s $60k, which is basically equivalent to how many $100 bills Dwyane Wade uses to wipe his ass in a calendar year. I guess it’s no coincidence that the heads of the Players’ Union just happen to be LeBron James and Chris Paul, players that have been known to embellish contact every once in a while…🤔 

Another interesting change is the  “designated  veteran” rule, which was tweaked so that teams can now sign their superstars to up to 6-year contracts, up from just 4-years. The interesting part here is that the max age eligible in the last year of the contract was pushed from 36 to 38, which means LeBron and CP3 can snag one more massive contract before riding off into the sunset. 

Honestly though, both sides should be applauded for hammering out a deal without having to go through after lockout. The league is in a better place than ever right now, so neither side wanted to stop the positive momentum with a stoppage in play. Adam Silver might look like a worm but he is the Anti-Goodell. 
Unrelated but the feeling of elation I get when I see a Derrick Rose injury update is incomparable.