So DRose is back throwing it down again I see. But I will not let myself get sucked into the hype, and Knicks fans shouldn’t either.

Derrick Rose is that ex-girlfriend you always see looking good on social media and wonder why you’re not still with her. You’ll only remember the good times, but that selective memory is what gets you in trouble.

Derrick Rose EXPLODES to the rim for the @nyknicks!

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As a Bulls fan, I saw this and almost fell back into that trap, almost. I’ll admit, this looks pretty, and Stacey King would’ve made a hell of a call on this dunk, but I’m still not taking Derrick back for anything. You know this dunk is going to be followed by a sore hamstring that’s going to act up in a week and linger throughout the season. I mean just look at how he landed! Watching Derrick land on layups was my absolute worst nightmare over the past 5 years, and now I just laugh when I see a “Derrick Rose questionable for tonight’s game” update. It’s liberating.

Definitely don’t miss him…ok maybe a little bit.